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• 95% funded install under BDUK scheme

• Speeds up to 22Mbps down and 6Mbps up

• BDUK and BT approved provider

• 30-day rolling contracts available - no long commitment required
• From just £27.99 per month and £25 install fee (Save £429!)

Satellite Boradband for rural houses

Europsat Satellite Internet

Scream even more with a massive 95% funded Satellite Broadband install.

Fast 22Mbps broadband, available anywhere...

CorSat Satellite Broadband is a the latest premium-grade satellite internet solution for those properties that cannot get 2Mbps or higher ADSL or Fibre speeds. Amazing speeds of up to 22Mbps down and up to 6Mbps up - available anywhere in the UK.

Working with BDUK and BT throughout the UK. As part of a government-funded initiative to deliver broadband to rural areas, and those properties which are too expensive to deliver Fibre to, there is funding available to assist with the cost of installing Satellite broadband in the above areas currently. The goverment pays for 95% of the setup and install costs - which equates to massive £429 saving. Now install is just £25 for the qualifying packages.

Basic Broadband for All        

Government has committed to giving access to 2Mbps download speed to every premise in the UK by the end of 2015. As part of this commitment Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) are delivering a satellite broadband subsidy scheme through a number of UK Local Bodies.

This scheme will help with a contribution towards the equipment and installation of a satellite broadband connection.

For more information on how the scheme operates, please visit the official websites for Suffolk, West Yorkshire or Hampshire.

Details of other Local Bodies and their websites will be provided here as they are included in the scheme. Alternatively please visit the BDUK website

If you have been given an eligibility code by your Local Body then please select a product and then enter your code in the box provided. We will validate your code with the issuing Local Body and confirm back your order by email.

If you don’t have an eligibility code then please contact your Local Body to check whether you can take advantage of the scheme.


How to get 95% off your install....

You'll need to be resident in the BDUK areas of Suffolk or West Yorkshire and obtain an eligibility code from your local council-run BDUK scheme. Then choose the package that suits you best from our prices tab and contact us. We'll then perform some mapping calculations and arrange an engineer to install within a few days. There's no hidden extras - just a 12month contract requirement.

Up to 30Mbps Download

CorSat Satellite broadband can deliver up to 30Mbps download speeds - perfect for streaming services, catch-up TV and general internet use where fast ADSL or Fibre is not possible - or as a backup to traditional cable-based services.

Up to 6Mbps Upload

One of the strengths of satellite broadband is the upload speeds. CorSat can provide general 2Mbps upload (about 3-4 times faster than ADSL and the same as Fibre) or 6Mbps upload. Perfect for backing up and FTP uploads - or for large emails.

Reliable - in all weather

Contrary to popular belief, satellite broadband is very stable in all weather conditions. Only extreme storms will disrupt the connection. The CorSat modem works better than your Sky dish in that it detects rain and bad weather and increases the power to the transmitter to help maintain faster speeds. So whatever the weather, you'll generally still be online.

Great for Streaming TV

It the same technology TV news outside broadcast and SKY use to transmit their video content - so it's really good at streaming TV and films!

What is Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband is a similar concept to Sky TV – using a small dish on the outside of your property, along with a set-top box inside, we can offer you fast broadband, reliably, wherever you’re located. You can share the service just as you would with wired broadband, using a conventional network or wirelessly, giving your computer or smart phone access to all the latest internet services and feature rich content - including streaming services like iPlayer and catch-ip TV

How does satellite broadband work?

Satellite Internet is the ability to transmit and receive data from a relatively small satellite dish on Earth and communicates with an orbiting geostationary satellite 22,300 miles above Earth's equator. The orbiting satellite transmits (and receives) its information to a location on Earth called the Network Operations Centre or NOC (pronounced "knock"). The NOC itself is connected to the Internet (or private network), so all communication made from a satellite dish connection to the Internet must flow through the NOC.



Dish Install

Our engineers install a dish onto your property and connect it to a special modem. This then connects to your WiFi router so that you can access and share the connection. Because the signals have to travel up to space and back - over 80,000 miles - there's a bit of latency (or delay). Visiting a web page often has about a 1 second delay instead of about a 1/5 second delay which you'd get with fixed-line broadband. Once you get used to this, you don't notice it. When download and uploading large files, this delay becomes more and more irrelevant as it forms a smaller part of the transaction (sustained upload and download speeds of large files are very good).

So how does it feel to use...

It's relative to what you are used to. It's not as fast as 80Mbps Fibre and doesn't feel as zippy as 2Mbps ADSL for general browsing. But it is much better than a slow ADSL connection (sub 2Mbps) at handling multiple users and particularly good at providing HD quality TV streams to multiple users. If you currently have a less than 2Mbps fixed-line connection, then Satellite broadband will feel much faster overall, you will not notice the 1 second delay after a while and will appreciate it's 20Mbps capacity more and more. It's considered the next best superfast option if you do not have Fibre or fast ADSL capabilities.




How fast is CorSat Satellite broadband?
This depends on the package you have selected for the maximum speed capability. Bear in mind that you won't always get the maximum speeds(especially at peak times where this might be 25-50%), but much of the time you'll get 75%-90% the maximum speeds advertised.

Which way does my satellite point?
In the UK CorSat Avanti and CorSat XL requires a clear line of sight to the South West.

Is satellite broadband contended?
The satellite broadband service is contended in a similar way to many other broadband technologies. The satellite platform is shared (i.e contended) between all users. The contention impacts most during busy periods. The network providers monitor the network 24/7 365 days a year, both by automated monitoring systems and by their teams in Network Operations to ensure good performance - and there are various methods used to speed up and manage the capacity to deliver the best user experience.

How can I check my speeds?
There are many speed test services available on the internet. However, less than 1% of Internet access is performed using satellite networks and as a consequence the vast majority of speed test services are tuned for terrestrial wired services such as fibre and ADSL. As with any speed test on a contended broadband connection, your broadband speed results may vary by time of the day, and accuracy will be affected by anything else you’re doing on the computer. When running a speed test: ensure your computer is directly connected to the satellite modem via a wired ethernet connection, ensure that any wireless adapter in your computer is switched off, close any programs that may be running on your computer, and ensure no other people or devises are using the broadband connection.

Do you operate a fair share policy or traffic shaping?
Your satellite broadband service has an inclusive 30 days data volume allowance in GB where 1GB is 1024MB. This is the combined download, and upload data consumed by all devices connected behind the satellite modem.

Capped FUP: On CorSat XL once this has been exceeded the maximum speed available for that service is reduced significantly until the next monthly volume allowance is applied, or alternatively when you upgrade to a higher service or add volume boosters. On the CorSat XL 100 package speed restrictions are added once 40GB of your allowance has been used.

Stepped FUP: On CorSat Avanti there are stepped speed restrictions on all packages, so once 20% of your monthly allowance has been used your speeds will be reduced by 20%, this continues on 20% increments until 100% of allowance has been used. Once your monthly allowance has been exceeded the maximum speed available for that service is reduced significantly until the next monthly volume allowance is applied, or alternatively when you upgrade to a higher service or add volume boosters. More details of the speed restrictions are available on request.

How many devices (computers, tablets, phones) can I connect to my satellite broadband service?
The more devices you are using simultaneously, the more apps you have running at the same time on each device (including background apps such as security software updates) and the heavier their data usage, the slower the app will appear to be.

What does broadband usage mean - how much will I use?
This is the combined download and upload data consumed by all devices connected behind the satellite modem typically your 10GB usage will provide:
• 2,500 songs (based on 4MB music file)
• 15 movies (based on SD 700MB move file)
• 10,200 photos (based on 1MB digital photo)
• 500 documents (based on 20MB document file)

Automated software and security updates on each of your devices will also use monthly data allowance.

Can I use satellite broadband for online gaming?
In principle online games yes - and games that don’t involve fast real-time interaction should work fine on satellite broadband, but it is not recommend for first person shooter games or any combat game that requires immediate reaction because of the latency.

Why does it take so long for my web pages to load?
Every time a satellite broadband subscriber sends a command to fetch a web page the request must travel 22,300 miles (35,738km) to a satellite in geostationary orbit. From there, the signal travels another 22,300 miles back to earth, to the satellite provider where it is routed to the internet, data exchanged, and then is sent back 22,300 miles to the satellite. Once the satellite receives the information the page data must travel the final 22,300miles back to the user. The average latency is 500-1000ms and this unavoidable ‘delay’ can affect performance on some multiplayer games – once the satellite system gets going you’ll hardly notice the latency.

The average latency time when browsing on the satellite broadband service is 2-4 seconds for a low content site like Google, but for larger sites with high content, for example, it can take 5-10 seconds to load completely. You can make a couple of adjustment to your PC settings to assist your browsing ability:

• Remove all proxy settings
• Try a different browser – some browsers perform better than others. We recommend Chrome, and Safari.

What if my home is a listed or protected building?
Though many conditions do vary slightly, normally planning permission is not required for the antenna you will be supplied with, provided you don’t have other dishes on your building. If your building is a protected historical building official permits may be required. Most issues with planning (or if you have a listed building) can be overcome by installing the antenna on a brick (not listed) outbuilding or down at ground level. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with the rules and regulations regarding the placement of the equipment on the building you occupy, our installer will advise you where possible.

I do not own my home?
If you are not the owner of the property you live in, it is your responsibility to obtain your landlords permission.

Can I run a VPN connection on my satellite broadband service?
SSL based VPN solutions do work over satellite. IPSec based solutions generally do connect OK but their performance is typically greatly reduced. If an IPSec solution is required then a satellite friendly VPN gateway VPN solution is strongly recommended.

Are there any minimum requirements for computers?
Any computer (Mac, PC, Linux OS) with an ethernet network card can be connected to the satellite modem. No additional hardware or computer software is needed.

What happens if or when I move?
Moving the dish to another location, whether on the same building or otherwise, is obviously possible if you move. You must notify CorSat if you plan to move house or premises. If you don’t do this and the equipment interferes with other licensed equipment at another site you could be liable for a fine, but to also arrange re-installation.

Does the weather affect the satellite broadband?
Rain or snow can interfere with signal strength. Antenna reception may be degraded by heavy rain or snow build up of moisture, snow or ice on the antenna. Our system automatically increases power levels to compensate for these conditions. If the interference is strong enough the modem may stop receiving signals from the satellite and stop transmitting. The standard dish and mount is designed to withstand winds up to 100mph.


CorSat Avanti - up to 30Mbps down, 4Mbps up. 12 month contract (Avanti Based)

  CorSat Avanti 10 CorSat Avanti 20 CorSat Avanti 30 CorSat Avanti 40

Entry level package for light use

Great value general package for average use

Ideal for family or small business usage

Fastest Satellite broadband available for business or heavier home users.

Max Download Speed 15Mbps 15Mbps 15Mbps 30Mbps
Max Upload Speed 2Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 4Mbps
Bandwidth 10GIG 20GB 30GB 40GB
FUP policy stepped stepped stepped stepped
Unlimited Overnight - - - -
  12 Month Contract - great low-monthly prices and 95% off Install.
Installation and Setup

was £454.00

now just £25

was £454.00

now just £25

was £454.00

now just £25

was £454.00

now just £25


(including VAT)

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CorSat XL - up to 22Mbps down, 6Mbps up. 12 month contract (Tooway Based - Scotland and NI only)

  CorSat BT 10 CorSat BT 25 CorSat BT 50 CorSat BT 100

Pay as you go - suitable for very low use and backup option

Best Value package with 25GB and free overnight for your downloads.

Ideal for family or small business usage

Best for business and heavier users or where lots of people share the connection.

Max Download Speed 22Mbps 22Mbps 22Mbps 22Mbps
Max Upload Speed 6Mbps 6Mbps 6Mbps 6Mbps
Bandwidth 10GIG 25GB 50GB 100GB
FUP policy capped capped capped capped
Unlimited Overnight - included FREE included FREE included FREE
  12 Month Contract - great low-monthly prices and 95% off Install.
Installation and Setup

was £454.00

now just £25

was £454.00

now just £25

was £454.00

now just £25

was £454.00

now just £25


(including VAT)

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All prices include VAT and are for a standard install using a regular L bracket on a non-north-facing wall. Ground, chimney, pole or special mount options are extra (90% of properties are fine for a standard install, see FAQ's for details of non-standard installs). FUP stepped or capped? - see FAQ's. The supplied modem can provide internet for one ethernet device, plug into an existing network or WiFi access point. We can supply a pre-configured WiFi Access point from just £49 including VAT. Offers end 20th December 2016. An activation code from your BDUK authority is required prior to order. Services are provided on behalf of Europasat Satellite Services.